End-to-end data analytics solutions to support digital readiness.

How do enterprise leaders make better decisions? Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) applications tap into a world of information to derive and deliver critical insights.

ECS provides cutting-edge data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities trusted by leaders across government and industry, managing information at an enterprise level by delivering relevant and trustworthy information at scale. Through the ECS Data and AI Center of Excellence, we drive thought leadership, investment, and training in AI technology, processes, and methodologies. Learn more about our data expertise and leadership.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

Optimize your supply chain with predictive analytics.

Human Resources

Recruit, retain, and cultivate top talent.

Responsible AI

Reliable, governable, and transparent—responsible AI for all.


Adaptive Data Platform

  • Composable, modular architecture
  • Integrated, 360-degree view of data for all stakeholders

Intelligent Data Management

  • End-to-end lean data management process
  • Trusted data ecosystem powered by AI/ML
  • Leverage data at scale

Consumable Analytics

  • Maximize user experience
  • Real-time data
  • Personalization, self-service, collaboration

Applied AI

  • Actionable insights
  • Consumable and scalable solutions [would lead to capability solutions for clusters like: supply chain & logistics, finance & budget, human resources, cyber analytics, R&D]
  • Human-centered, design-led thinking


Data Professionals
AI/ML Engineers and Data Scientists
Certifications, Accreditations, and Awards

Data and AI Insights

Artificial IntelligenceECS BlogIT ModernizationMachine Learning
January 20, 2022

Digitizing Readiness

ECS brings the tools, processes, pipelines, and experts necessary to optimize data usage and achieve digital readiness.
AnalyticsArtificial IntelligenceECS BlogEnterprise TransformationMachine LearningMission Solutions
October 7, 2021

Making Data Deliver

ECS has the experts to transform your data into better decision making and higher mission outcomes
AnalyticsAnnouncementsAwardsEnvironmental ResearchPress Release
September 22, 2021

ECS Awarded Multiple NOAA ProTech Fisheries Task Orders

ECS was awarded three task orders to support NOAA with program management, statistical and economic analyses, and communication solutions.

Certified Analytics Professional
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Steve Erickson

Vice President, Strategic Solutions

Tony Zech

Senior AI Architect, Cybersecurity

Ketan Mane

Senior Architect, AI and Analytics

Lela McFarland

Solutions Architect