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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are invaluable tools to achieving organizational objectives. For organizations looking to optimize their existing processes, interpreting data through an AI/ML-fueled strategy translates to more actionable insights and informed decision-making. As a result, new paths to achieving organizational objectives  emerge.

However, as the pace of innovation, automation, and digitization continues to accelerate, the question of expertise becomes increasingly relevant. For those who have not yet incorporated AI/ML into their data strategy, the “why” and the “what” can be difficult to grasp, let alone the “how.”

ECS is ready to advise and assist in developing and managing an effective AI/ML strategy. Read on for three key benefits of AI/ML and how ECS can help your organization achieve data readiness.

Enhanced Capabilities

AI/ML is an automated process by which computer systems use algorithms and statistical analysis to derive patterns, rules, and insights from large volumes of data. AI/ML moves decision-making away from being deterministic to a probabilistic model based on ongoing data analysis.

What’s critical to understand is that AI/ML is not an end unto itself — it’s a means of enhancing your existing capabilities. This is not a plug-in solution that performs a limited function with a limited ROI, but an improved approach to data analysis and decision making that produces ongoing optimization.

ECS manages models and data pipelines in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and on-premises. Our team works with organizations to optimize their AI/ML processes, enhancing their outcomes through model and data optimizations that deliver superior results.

Streamlined Workflows and Introduced Efficiency

Because it automates repetitive, time-intensive tasks at a speed and volume beyond human capability, AI/ML introduces efficiency, the potential for streamlined workflows, and reduced human error into your organization. This translates to reduced costs and increased productivity, while freeing your personnel to focus on more complex tasks that cannot be easily automated.

A core aspect of ECS’ role in managing AI/ML processes is to be an ongoing advisor and strategic partner. Our experts partner with your leadership and key personnel in analyzing your organization, determining where AI/ML could best be implemented, and developing a strategy to meet mission objectives.

“Always On” Data Analysis

While it is possible to perform ‘round-the-clock data analysis with your analysts working in shifts, AI/ML provides an “always on” alternative that boosts productivity in other areas by putting time back on the clock for your personnel — all while delivering enhanced, more actionable insights. For organizations dealing with especially large volumes of data or extremely time-sensitive mission objectives, these are crucial benefits of implementing AI/ML.

ECS understands that your data is a strategic asset and provides the expertise and resources necessary to unlock its full potential. Our partners across the federal, defense, and commercial industries have access to hundreds of data professionals and dozens of AI/ML engineers and data scientists. Our team holds more than 1,000 certifications, accreditations, and awards.

Is your organization prepared to implement AI/ML and achieve data readiness?

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