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The science of identity

Advanced methods, secure delivery

At ECS, scientists are helping customers in the Department of Defense (DoD) employ biometric identification to aid in homeland security and law enforcement efforts. Our team of developers combine agile software development and DevSecOps methodologies to execute, implement and maximize the benefits of biometric research and solutions in a cybersecure environment.

Biometric Insights

CybersecurityECS Blog
November 1, 2022

Test Your Knowledge: Do You Understand Zero Trust And Why It Matters?

The growing sophistication of cyber threats and evolving cybersecurity compliance standards demand a zero-trust approach. We can help you implement zero-trust and secure your organization.
CybersecurityECS Blog
October 27, 2022

ECS Experts Speak: Best Practices for Cybersecurity Awareness

ECS experts weigh in with their knowledge, tips, and best practices around cybersecurity awareness. See their hot takes here.
CybersecurityECS BlogManaged Services
October 24, 2022

Putting Cybersecurity First

Learn how the idea of “cybersecurity first” ends up defining our work, our culture, and our customer relationships here at ECS.