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Design development, fleet management,
and marine operations

Whether offshore, ocean, near costal, or inland, we are uniquely qualified to deliver expert consultancy and engineering solutions for marine design, repair, and construction.

Our team combines real-world experience with a deep portfolio of engineering solutions, providing the right blend of capabilities and risk management to solve the most complex maritime challenges.

Major Acquisition Support

Policy, strategy, and acquisition support

ECS supports policy, operations, maintenance, acquisition, and strategy for the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, and other federal agencies. Our engineers are part of a wide-ranging fleet recapitalization effort to establish budgets, conduct requirements analysis, develop specifications and determine which systems best support the client’s mission.

We oversee the procurement and construction of ships and aircraft for mission execution and the collection of nautical and atmospheric data—including hydrographic data to generate nautical charts for the safe navigation of commercial vessels.

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