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Connect your world with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Right now, an IoT device is measuring a patient’s vitals. Another is tracking freight as it traverses the country. A third has just uncovered an issue in a remote outpost and automatically deployed a field service agent to fix it. These devices are everywhere, helping organizations unlock new business outcomes and produce previously unimaginable insights.

As your organization looks to transform its operations, ECS can help you connect, deploy, and secure the network of devices needed to achieve your goals. Our experts have worked to secure medical devices, build smarter cities, and even expedite vaccine rollout in the COVID-19 pandemic.

IoT devices provide an opportunity for eager threat actors to breach your system, both at home and at work.

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we know a thing or two about building IoT platforms. As the first North American Services Partner for Connected Operations, ECS has built and implemented some of the largest and most complex IoT integrations on the NOW platform. Whether your organization is looking to maximize existing ServiceNow capabilities or build functionality from the ground up, ECS can help transform your approach to data collection, connection, and analysis.

Learn more on our IoT and other ServiceNow capabilities on our ServiceNow Partner Page.



Real-time Monitoring
and Alerts

Rules Engine

Field Service

Customer Service



IoT Security

The proliferation of smart devices means more endpoints, more users, and more potential for data risk. As experts in cybersecurity as well as IoT, ECS not only builds your connected networks, but protects them using layered defense systems and holistic security design. We can track, monitor, and secure your devices 24/7/365, ensuring visibility and protection over your entire network infrastructure.

Learn more on our Cybersecurity Solutions Page.

IoT Insights

Case StudyInternet of ThingsServiceNow
March 9, 2021

Rapid Rollout: Vaccine Distribution in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Leveraging the power of the ServiceNow Platform, ECS is helping states manage and support vaccine distribution throughout the pandemic.
Artificial IntelligenceECS BlogEnterprise TransformationInternet of Things
December 14, 2020

A New Abnormal: Meeting the Challenge of a Post-COVID Workplace

John Heneghan and Martin Burke discuss the challenges and solutions of find “a new abnormal” in the post-COVID workplace.
Internet of ThingsIT ModernizationPress Release
November 30, 2020

ASGN Incorporated Announces Acquisition of Integrated Solutions Management, Inc.

ISM brings industry-leading expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, IT service and operations management to ASGN Incorporated.


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