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Predict the future with machine learning

Machine learning (ML) allows customers to unlock the power of data in unexpected ways. ECS data scientists and cloud architects help enterprise and government customers use ML for critical projects, from forecasting operating costs to conducting research for government agencies.

We deliver ML solutions with intelligent features such as computer vision, speech, video, and language analysis—all within a secure and integrated cloud environment tailored to meet customers’ mission needs. Our integrated and secure pay-as-you-go analytics capabilities support activities such as data analysis, business intelligence, data processing, and workflow orchestration.


Model Prototyping

Model Management

Platform Integration

Comprehensive Analytics

Insight Collaboration

API-Driven ML

Machine Learning Insights

Artificial IntelligenceECS BlogMachine LearningMission Solutions
August 25, 2022

Model Behavior

ECS experts discuss their key considerations for user-driven AI/ML modeling, development, and management
Artificial IntelligenceCybersecurityECS BlogMachine Learning
August 18, 2022

Proactive Insider Threat Solutions

Defend against insider threats using advanced analytics and 360° profiling.
Artificial IntelligenceAWSCloudECS BlogGoogleMachine LearningMicrosoft
June 1, 2022

Achieve Data Readiness with AI/ML

ECS is ready to advise and assist in developing and managing an effective AI/ML strategy, helping your organization achieve data readiness.