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ECS partners with CyberGRX to assess and manage third-party cybersecurity risk. In today’s digital landscape, cybercriminals target your partners, vendors, and subcontractors. Enterprise organizations must proactively evaluate and manage the risk within partner networks.
We use data science to analyze and prioritize risks. We identify necessary security controls and build remediation plans to protect your organization against an attack on your third-party ecosystem.
It takes hard work to secure an enterprise. Don’t introduce risks you can’t control.
Stay focused. Meet compliance. Build security.

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CyberGRX Insights

CybersecurityMission SolutionsPress Release
May 17, 2022

ECS and Partners Donate $4 Million to US Naval Academy’s Hopper Hall

ECS has announced a donation exceeding $4 million to the US Naval Academy’s newly opened Hopper Hall. The Advanced Cyber Threat Defense hardware and software platform is intended for use in an educational lab.
CybersecurityRecruitingWine About Cybercrime
May 3, 2022

Wine About Cybercrime: Episode #2: Between The Wines

Cybercrime is a pain. Sit down with our cyber experts to whine about the latest in cyber with our recommended wine pairing.
Artificial IntelligenceCybersecurityECS CultureMission SolutionsWork That Matters
April 27, 2022

Work that Matters: Tony Zech

Tony Zech discusses how AI influences the next generation cybersecurity solutions and the importance of collaboration between the disciplines.