What Is CMMC?

What Is CMMC, and
Why Does It Matter?
How Do I Prepare My
Organization for CMMC?
How Can I Close Gaps
Ahead of CMMC Accreditation?

CMMC Buyers Guide

With over 20 years’ experience providing cybersecurity, risk management, and compliance services to enterprise organizations of all kinds, ECS is ready to guide your company to CMMC success.

Compliance Services


Our expert personnel will analyze your company’s existing systems, processes, and protocols to ascertain how they hold up against the standards of CMMC.


After a preparedness evaluation, ECS will work with you to identify controls that your company should implement to reach your ideal certification level.


We will help populate remediation roadmaps, as well as plans of action and milestones (POA&S), while mitigating risks and ineffective controls.


We will help to document strategies, standards, and related policies to align with CMMC. We will define and develop repeatable processes to enhance cybersecurity practices.

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Many CMMC requirements and regulations are still being released by the Department of Defense, including the 3PAO and assessment process. ECS’ preparatory guidance is based on CMMC version 1.0, released in January 2020, and will incorporate all further information released by DoD. ECS brings over 20 years of experience providing compliance services to customers across the federal, defense, and commercial marketplaces.

“Here at ECS, we have provided risk mitigation and compliance as a service to customers for over 20 years. Our expert personnel are ready to help your company pass the CMMC audit.”

-Shayla Treadwell,
ECS Director of Cybersecurity Compliance

Proven Partnerships

ECS maintains partnerships with leading cloud, cyber, and AI/ML providers and holds specialized certifications in their technologies.