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The ocean blue

The impact of aquatic research

The health of our oceans and coasts has an impact on our climate and economy. ECS scientists are working hard to conserve and safeguard our planet’s oceans, coasts, fisheries, and protected resources. We lead a strong and diverse team of researchers and professionals in the areas of marine biology and aquatic research. Our wide breadth of expertise includes analytical services, research and data collection, organizational and leadership training, capacity building, and operations solutions.

Environmental Science Insights

ArticleEnvironmental Research
April 22, 2024

A Measure of Our Oceans

On Earth Day 2024, see how ECS helped assess the vulnerability of marine mammals like whales, dolphins, and seals.
Contract WinsEngineeringPress ReleaseScience
June 15, 2022

ECS Awarded Recompete BPA in Support of NOAA OMAO

ECS awarded recompete BPA to continue support of NOAA OMAO execution of Marine and Aviation Fleet Recapitalization Plans.
Yellow and White Boat alone in the Ocean with two fishermenCase StudyEnvironmental Research
June 8, 2022

Summer Stock

As rising temperatures affect the productivity and abundance of fish stocks, marine biologists are conducting vulnerability assessments to learn more about how fish react to warming ocean waters.


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