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Scale, Secure, and Customize
Your Intelligence Research

ECS Argos offers secure access to a suite of data science and analytics tools to digest and investigate publicly available information (PAI) and open-source intelligence (OSINT). Say goodbye to computational limitations, implementation headaches, and high costs.

Whether you want to spin up a virtual desktop for training or conduct secure operational intelligence and security research, ECS Argos offers a solution for all of your PAI and OSINT needs.


Virtual Desktop

Launch a virtual desktop anywhere with ease through your web browser

Managed Attribution

Operate virtually and securely from 150+ global egress points worldwide

PAI Toolset

Instantaneously access a host of advanced PAI tools such as Maltego, Anaconda, Zignal, and more

Key Features

Customized Training Solutions

ECS provides OSINT/PAI training designed to match your mission and business objectives. Our experts provide ongoing support to help keep your investigative skills and techniques up to date in a world of evolving threats.

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