Test more, train more, and deploy autonomous systems faster than ever before.

When developing algorithm’s to classify, detect, and track objects, training is usually measured in days and weeks. But at ECS, we’ve shortened the time it takes to collect, normalize, and label data down to hours. Through rapid retraining (RRT), ECS enables teams to train, test, and redeploy computer vision (CV) models in under 36 hours, meaning your organization can improve the performance of its autonomous systems faster than ever before.

< 36 hours

Time between post-mission processing and model redeployment


Historical improvement in CV model performance

Our Experience

ECS is the only company to codify and internalize the entire RRT procedure under one roof. We have the infrastructure, people, and expertise to help with every step of CV training, from algorithm development to data management, processing, labeling, and more.


Largest provider of AI/ML solutions to DoD


Models deployed to the field


Number of operation sites around globe

Rapid Retraining

Improve the Precision, Recall, and Performance of Your Autonomous Systems.

Interested in learning how ECS Rapid Retraining can transform your analytics and research operations? Reach out and talk to an expert today. Contact us: AI-RRT@ecstech.com


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