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At ECS, AI and advanced analytics are not the realm of sci-fi. Every day, our experts help commercial and federal organizations—from Fortune 500 companies to the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence agencies, and more—derive actionable insights from vast amounts of enterprise, mission, and sensor data. We’re the largest provider of AI/ML to the DoD, and our solutions have helped organizations develop computer vision models for unmanned vehiclesperform sensitive intelligence and business research, as well as protect our nation’s critical environmental assets.

ECS continually drives thought leadership, investment, and training through our Data and AI Center of Excellence. Whatever your mission, ECS has the data, AI, and ML experts to help achieve your organization’s goals. Learn more about our leadershipcapabilities, and expertise.

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ECS is the number one PROVIDER OF AI/ML SOLUTIONS TO the Department of Defense
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Machine Learning

Discover patterns and make predictions with machine learning (ML)

PAI Research

Scale, secure, and customize your intelligence research with Argos PAI

Cyber Analytics

Predict when malicious actors will strike with ECS Pathfinder

Geospatial Intelligence

Unlock fast, complete, and accurate mission insights with geospatial analytics

Responsible AI

Reliable, fair, and transparent—responsible AI for all

Rapid Retraining

Test, train, and redeploy AI models faster than ever before

Unlock the Power of Your Data with ECS

Largest provider of AI/ML solutions to DoD
Models deployed to the field
Certifications, Accreditations, and Awards
Data Professionals
AI/ML Engineers and Data Scientists

Data and AI Insights

Artificial IntelligenceECS Blog
March 30, 2023

Democratize Your Data Management With Data Mesh

ECS provides a better alternative to centralized, monolithic data management models: a distributed model that empowers data producers and increases the agility of your operation.
Artificial IntelligenceCybersecurityECS Blog
March 14, 2023

Predict Cyber Attacks: What, Where, and How

ECS Pathfinder uses artificial intelligence to help organizations make smarter and more effective use of their cybersecurity tools, information, and resources.
Artificial IntelligenceECS BlogEngineeringMachine LearningMission Solutions
January 24, 2023

Key Considerations for Algorithm Training and Real-World Simulation

ECS is helping the DoD to create new military applications by training AI/CV in simulated real-world environments.
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