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Building The Next Generation of Business Development Leaders

At ECS, we are all about investing in our people. Our education benefits have helped former interns become experts in cloud artificial intelligence, help desk analysts become cybersecurity specialists, and program analysts become leaders in cloud development.

In 2021, we developed the Culture of Capture program, a 10-month learning experience designed to equip talented ECS employees with the knowledge and tools to become the next generation of business development (BD) and capture leaders. Through mentorship, training, and hands-on learning, participants gain the skills and experience to lead strategic deals and champion ECS’ business growth.

The Culture of Capture program features:

Biweekly one-on-ones with
executive-level ECS mentors

Monthly training in deal identification, account planning, capture tactics, proposal  contribution, and pipeline management

Shipley certification on Capturing
Federal Business

Hands-on experience as a capture manager
on a strategic deal

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

“We’d like to congratulate the inaugural class on their wonderful achievements. Over the past 10 months, they’ve shown immense drive and dedication as they’ve honed their business development skills. I look forward to seeing what the graduates accomplish in the coming years and beyond!”


Vice President, Business Development


Kevin Costello
Jon Jandorf
Bryan Snow
Michael Perkins
Kristin Lemus
Shaun Schneider
Steve Kusters
Sunil Raphael
Mike Ulses


Vice President, Health IT and Cyber Division

“The Culture of Capture program was an invaluable opportunity to learn insights and skills from talented ECS executives as well as guest speakers from all around the industry.”


Director, Client Operations

“The Culture of Capture program helped me better understand customers’ pain points and drive better mission outcomes for both our customers and ECS.”


Director, Enterprise Solutions

“My favorite part of the program was the one-on-one mentoring and interactive sessions by ECS capture leaders and executives. Their perspectives have been vital to my own business development efforts.”

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