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“Work That Matters” is a series in which ECS experts discuss their roles and responsibilities and the larger impact they have on the workplace, community, and world. In this installment, we interview Virginia Mattingly. As a director of commercial sales at ECS, Ms. Mattingly helps businesses digitally transform their operations using ServiceNow’s platform.


Q: Tell us a little about your role and the importance of the ServiceNow Platform.

A: ServiceNow is a platform for digital transformation, enabling companies to automate everyday processes, unlock efficiencies, and embrace new ways of new doing business. The platform enables a host of powerful tools, from service desk operations to intelligent applications, the internet of things, and beyond. As director of commercial sales, I help large-scale commercial companies use these tools to meet their strategic missions and business goals. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, my team and I have been helping companies use ServiceNow to make returning to the office secure and safe.

Q: You’ve attributed a lot of your success to strong mentorship. How have ECS leaders shaped your career?

A: I first joined ECS as a business development (BD) operations manager, working with Brian Boeth, senior director of sales. Brian taught me the ins and outs of internal operations and processes, from creating statements of work to facilitating pricing and scope with leadership and the delivery team. Marty Burke, vice president (VP) of integrated solutions, has also been pivotal to my career growth. Since the beginning of my time at ECS, Marty and I have had many thoughtful discussions about my development. After seeing how I interacted with clients and my individual strengths, he has nudged me towards more sales-driven roles. When the sales director position opened up, Marty and Brian urged me to apply.

Q: What was the transition from operations to sales like?

A: Marty, Brian, and the leadership team really empowered me to take on this new role and make it my own, and their support had made the transition as smooth as possible. Recently, at the recommendation of Becky John, VP of business development at ECS, I had the opportunity to enroll in the ACT-IAC Associates program, a nine-month program for entry-level professionals to learn the nuances of federal IT contracting and strengthen their professional skills. The program helped me better understand stakeholder needs and develop effective solutions that benefit both customers and providers.

Q: Sounds like an exciting time in your career. What’s next for you?

A: I feel like I still have a lot to learn, and fortunately for me, I am always in discussion with the leadership team about programs that will help me be a more effective BD and sales leader. As I progress in my role, I hope to use ECS’ education benefits to continue to achieve new certifications like the information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) and project management professional (PMP) certifications.

At ECS, I’ve been able to develop my career in ways I never imagined, and I am grateful for leaders like Marty, Becky, and Brian who helped me get where I am today.

“Work That Matters” is a series in which ECS experts discuss their roles and responsibilities and the larger impact they have in the workplace, community, and world.

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