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By John Sankovich
Vice President, Cloud Solutions

The volume of data available to enterprise organizations grows larger every day. Alongside this growth, more and more tools, processes, and services are being introduced to meet the customer and market demand for data analytics solutions. Whether seeking to improve operations, optimize spend, or pursue new lines of business, government agencies and large companies alike are eager to leverage the latest technological advances to derive critical insights from data.

So, how can your organization benefit from this trend? The answers and options are numerous, but the bottom line remains the same: data analytics drives better decision-making, which in turn creates higher-value mission outcomes.

How it Works

Data analytics is more than simply “running the numbers.” It is a multi-phase process that requires diligence and skill every step of the way. After collecting data from multiple sources, you must determine the right platform to meet your storage needs—whether a data warehouse deployed by a cloud service provider, hybrid solution, or private deployment model. From there, data must be cleaned up, prepared, and structured for analysis. Only then can data scientists begin to query the data in order to uncover valuable insights.

While some companies may employ an internal team to perform such analysis in-house, others turn to trusted solution providers like ECS with the experience and proven capabilities to meet their data analytics needs.

Data Analytic: Breaking down the multi-phase process to uncover valuable industry insights.

Leveraging Expertise

ECS has been a leading provider of data analytics solutions for over 20 years, work that has been recognized by top technology companies. We have been awarded seven Microsoft Gold competencies—the highest level of certification—including the Data Analytics competency in February 2020, with specializations such as Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, and Big Data. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning competency recognizes the innovative data analytics and machine learning solutions built by our team of certified cloud solution architects and expert data scientists. These solutions draw on advanced capabilities ranging from computer vision and speech and language analysis to deep-learning algorithms.

Companies and agencies across the federal, commercial, and state and local marketplaces rely on our experienced cloud team for guidance and support. Recent and ongoing engagements include working with a large state agency to analyze healthcare data on claims and usage, building a complex data warehousing and storage solution for a large federal agency, and helping a Department of Defense customer use advanced video data analytics.

Whatever your data analytics needs, ECS’ engineers and data scientists are ready to help you design, implement, an manage expert advanced solutions to meet your mission goals. Interested in learning more? Email