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Torn between costs and benefits of cloud and on-prem solutions?

With our hybrid-cloud solutions, ECS pairs the visibility and control of on-prem data centers with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.






Despite early predictions that cloud computing would render on-premises data centers obsolete, few enterprises have migrated completely to the cloud. Instead, many federal and commercial organizations have adopted a hybrid model, pairing a private cloud or on-premises data center with one or more public cloud services. This strategy allows organizations to retain control and visibility over their private data while taking advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and cost reduction provided by modern cloud solutions.

ECS designs hybrid-cloud environments to meet your organization’s architecture, operational, and budgetary requirements. From design-build to migration, implementation, and optimization, our experts guide your organization through every step of the process. With our easy-to-use and customizable single-pane-of-glass solutions, we enable your organization to consolidate data centers, reduce costs, and increase storage flexibility without compromising security and compliance.


CHALLENGE: You need to expand your storage and processing power, but building a new data center is too costly.

SOLUTION: By dividing workloads between public and private environments, ECS lowers the network demand placed on your organization’s on-premises data centers. This decreased need for on-premises data centers lowers the costs associated with upkeep and maintenance and enables organizations to consolidate physical infrastructure.

When seasonal or unexpected spikes in demand occur, ECS meets the temporary increase in load by cloud bursting, which moves workloads between public and private clouds. When the demand decreases, ECS scales back your cloud usage, transforming operational costs into consumption-based pricing. You pay for space only when you need it.



CHALLENGE: With a fragmented cloud environment, your developers are forced to juggle multiple management portals, one for each cloud environment they operate.

SOLUTION: ECS’ hybrid cloud solutions use a single-pane-of-glass solution to manage applications across all cloud environments. We design these portals to be more than just centralized control panels, custom-tailoring the configuration for specific teams and business functions. Whether in use by a Security Operations Center (SOC), program management office (PMO), or site reliability officer, these portals reduce complexity for developers, saving money and time.


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