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Twice a year for the past three years, Seth Noe and Herb Wesselman have organized a blood drive for their peers at ECS. The event has become a tradition in O’Fallon, Illinois, where Herb and Seth work on the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES). Recently, Herb, Seth, and the GATES team celebrated their sixth successful blood drive! In partnership with ImpactLife, a blood center serving their local community and surrounding area, Herb and Seth helped collect 17 units of blood this holiday season!

One unit of blood can impact up to 3 patients!


Number of units raised to date

“The holidays are a critical time for blood donations. Supply is low and demand is high. We organize our blood drives to coincide with times when people need it most.”


Herb Wesselman
Senior Portfolio Manager and Longtime Donor

10 gallons to date

“45 million people will require blood transfusions this year, but only 3% of the population regularly donates blood. We’re proud to support ongoing donation efforts with our 6th blood drive!”

Seth Noe
Configuration Manager and Longtime Donor

4 gallons to date

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At ECS, we’re dedicated to giving back. Check out our culture page to see more ways ECSers support their local communities.

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