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Modes of transportation have not changed dramatically over the past 100 years—we still drive, sail, and fly our way from one destination to the next. Advanced technologies, on the other hand, continue to morph at warp speed. Technology allows us to operate our transportation systems at increasingly higher velocities, with greater efficiency.

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For Air Mobility Command (AMC), speed is everything. A joint effort between United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and the United States Air Force (USAF), AMC gathers resources from across the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide airlift, air refueling, air mobility support, and aeromedical evacuation to our nation’s military. Their mission is to respond to urgent requests, anywhere in the world, in a matter of hours.

Supporting a critical mission

As the prime contractor managing development and support of AMC’s Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES), ECS is a partner in innovation, envisioning and facilitating better ways to serve the DoD’s transportation needs. USTRANSCOM moves people and cargo across air, land, and sea for the DoD. With more than one million active-duty military personnel worldwide and countless military operations and exercises to support at any given time, it is a logistically complex endeavor.

How does the military keep track of the complex matrix of details related to every voyage? GATES is the military’s port processing and manifesting system. It tracks and records the global transport of service members, civilians, and countless categories of cargo, from minuscule machine parts to massive shipping containers. For AMC, other branches of the DoD, and combatant commands, GATES ensures service members have ready visibility on the location of required equipment, supplies, and people they need to carry out their missions, whether in peacetime or war.

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Team effort, powerful solution

ECS provides strategic leadership as well as operations and development expertise for GATES. Our team carries out the management and operation of GATES, finding new ways to solve problems and evolve current systems. ECS is also conducting the software changes and refactoring needed for GATES to function in the cloud.

Using enterprise-scale Java applications and Oracle database technology to deploy and maintain GATES, our team provides full lifecycle support including development, operations, and maintenance of modernization solutions. Sixty-four ECS employees work onsite in O’Fallon, Illinois near Scott Air Force Base, supporting GATES. The team includes software developers and engineers, system administrators, testers, configuration managers, business analysts, integration engineers, and administrative and managerial staff.

The GATES contract is delivered on the ALLIANT 2 vehicle. Find out more about our solutions for the Department of Defense.

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