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In our digitally interconnected world, organizations and individuals can no longer treat cybersecurity as an afterthought. From enterprise security to our day-to-day communication, cybersecurity influences every aspect of how we operate and interact.

ECS’ Dr. Shayla Treadwell, vice president of governance, risk, and compliance, spoke about how a “cybersecurity first” ethos defines our work, culture, and customer relationships at ECS.


Vice President, Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Q: What do cybersecurity professionals mean by the phrase “cybersecurity first?”

SHAYLA TREADWELL: Cybersecurity first is all about making security a priority. It’s a way for individuals and organizations to better protect their digital assets and help build a more robust and secure cyber infrastructure. In terms of an individual, cybersecurity first means taking steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of one’s own personal information. On the enterprise side, cybersecurity first means establishing practices to secure networks, protect employees, and maintain good relationships with customers and other third-party partners.

Q: How does ECS put cybersecurity first in our own company?

SHAYLA TREADWELL: For us at ECS, maintaining strong cybersecurity posture is more than an obligation to our federal and commercial customers. It’s a moral imperative that drives us to continually invest in processes, standards, and certifications that ensure our excellence in the field. We set a stringent standard for ourselves, which often means our practices are inclusive of industry benchmarks like the ones set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), and Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST).

At ECS, we constantly work to enhance the cybersecurity knowledge of our entire staff through training and ongoing education. This mindset ensures that we always have the right tools, people, and knowledge in place to safeguard our networks as well as those of our customers.

Q: How does “cybersecurity first” help us better serve our customers?

SHAYLA TREADWELL: Putting cybersecurity at the forefront of everything we do provides our federal and commercial customers a certain peace of mind when it comes to managing their digital operations. Whether we are defending critical networks, ensuring regulatory compliance, or standing up a new product or service, our clients know we have the technology and expertise to protect their data and information assets.

Q: What does it take for a company to put cybersecurity first in their own operations?

SHAYLA TREADWELL: When organizations think about cybersecurity, they usually put a lot of weight on technology, but behind those solutions are people and processes that have just as much of an impact on an organization’s cybersecurity posture.

In order to truly put cybersecurity first, organizations need to realize that cybersecurity is a holistic activity. Everybody has to champion cybersecurity in their day-to-day operations, because ultimately, everybody in an organization has a critical role in maintaining a company’s security posture and mitigating risks.

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