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Enter the “next-generation” managed service provider (MSP): providers who not only deliver innovative solutions but who link solutions from different areas to create an end-to-end service model.

In recent years, tech –and data-oriented industries have shifted away from insourced solutions towards MSPs. However, while MSPs represent a cost-effective way to access critical IT capabilities and applications, rarely does one MSP cover all aspects of an enterprise’s technology suite.

One area where partnering with a next-gen MSP can reduce this operational redundancy is cloud services. There are many MSPs who can provide access to basic cloud services, but partnering with a next-gen MSP goes beyond digitizing workflows or decentralizing business operations — it empowers an enterprise to streamline and transform its whole operation.

“Next-Gen” Means End-to-End Service

Partnering with a next-gen MSP means getting end-to-end service. An end-to-end cloud service provider leverages the cloud to increase operational flexibility and link disparate solutions, improving the whole enterprise. Such solutions can vary as widely as:

Asset Management
Open-source Search & Analysis
Zero Trust Architecture

Gaining access to the scalability and ease of use of the cloud can have a major impact on an enterprise’s bottom line. However, gaining access to a range of cloud-enabled solutions that touch every aspect of an operation can be nothing short of transformative.

Connecting the Dots

As a leading provider of cloud managed services, including the Audited Amazon Web Services (AWS) MSP program competency, ECS helps customers build cloud initiatives from scratch, guides them through the adoption and implementation process, and provides ongoing support. With over 1,000 cloud certifications, accreditations, and awards to our name, we accelerate cloud adoption while maintaining business continuity, minimizing risk, and enhancing performance.

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