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ECS’ cybersecurity, cloud, and compliance experts can help put your organization on a path to long-term success in 2023

Every new year brings major changes and developments to the world of cybersecurity compliance, and 2023 promises to be no different. Federal agencies and Department of Defense (DoD) components, in particular, are working to overhaul existing cybersecurity paradigms to meet heightened standards, often on ambitious timelines.

See below for key deadlines and trends to be aware of as we turn the page on 2022, then learn how ECS’ experts in cybersecurity, cloud, and compliance can help you identify and close the gaps in your organization.

DoD Zero-Trust Goals

In November 2022, the DoD released its zero-trust strategy and roadmap. This strategy — anticipated for months following the zero-trust memo issued by the Executive Branch in January 2022 — represents a new, Department-wide cybersecurity framework that lays out dozens of capabilities the DoD must realize in order to achieve “targeted zero-trust” by fiscal year (FY) 2027.

The current projected timeline has the DoD and its components hitting various zero-trust implementation goals throughout the next several years, with the first deadline coming in Q4 of FY23. By that deadline, the DoD and its components are expected to log all traffic (network, data, applications, and users) in support of the Visibility and Analytics pillar of the DoD Zero-Trust Security Model.

As a leading provider of managed security solutions for the federal government and the defense industry, ECS knows how to assess your organization’s alignment with soon-to-be-mandatory zero-trust requirements — and deliver solutions that get you over the finish line.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with ECS

The clear through-line for 2023 is that federal agencies and especially DoD contractors and companies in the DIB should expect increased oversight, scrutiny, and accountability as security standards are raised across the board.

Don’t wait to ensure that your organization is compliant. Decide today to partner with ECS and let our experts assess your organization, identify areas where you come up short, and put you on a path to long-term success.

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