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Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have become core decision-making capabilities for large businesses and government agencies alike. Whether optimizing operations, pursuing new revenue streams, automating alerts and recommendation engines, or eliminating unnecessary costs, many organizations rely on AI/ML-supported strategies to model and interpret data in order to gain valuable insight and generate predictive outcomes.

At the same time, AI and ML are rapidly evolving across the fusion of tools, technology, processes, and people, requiring optimized data, high performance computation, and a modern workforce to keep on top of the latest advancements and practical applications. Modern tools have shorter and shorter half lives as new technologies emerge and the pace of innovation, automation, and digitization continues to accelerate.

So how does ECS leverage AI/ML to benefit our customers?

The answer is threefold: by developing new capabilities, investing in expert personnel and resources, and deploying advanced solutions.

Developing Capabilities

At its core, AI/ML is a process by which computer systems use algorithms and statistical analysis to derive patterns, rules, and insights from large volumes of data in increasingly automated ways. AI/ML is a push towards automating cognitive capabilities—giving systems the ability to investigate data and derive solutions on an ongoing basis.

The application of AI/ML takes on many different forms, depending on an organization’s needs. To that end, ECS personnel maintain and continue to develop a suite of tools to address a spectrum of enterprise challenges. Our AI/ML services include computer vision, full-motion video, image, speech, language analysis, text, and optical character recognition that empower organizations to gain insight from a variety of structured and unstructured data sources.

We architect, train, and manage models—algorithms designed to “teach” an intelligent system—which can then be deployed and configured into a variety of AI/ML-enabled environments through on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Our team also uses application programming interfaces (APIs), integrable code that further automates AI/ML software, to speed up the development process and drive down costs.

Investment in AI/ML Resources

ECS offers AI/ML services as a part of our Data and AI Center of Excellence (CoE), a dedicated hub for expert personnel and processes to drive innovation across the data and AI space. The Data and AI CoE combines expert data scientists, AI engineers, machine learning engineers, simulation specialists, statisticians, data engineers, data journalists, architects, and other thought leaders to identify emerging technologies and processes and adopt them across ECS and our customer engagements.

We maintain partnerships with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Elastic, DataRobot, UiPath, NVIDIAand other leading AI/ML capability and service providers. ECS is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Preferred Employer (CPE) and has been recognized with AWS’ Machine Learning Competency—we are one of a handful of companies worldwide to gain thIS status—which distinguishes our team as operating with the highest level of AI/ML expertise and experience. These partnerships make AI/ML customer-accessible by offering ready-to-use solutions that plug into existing systems.

Deploying Advanced Solutions

ECS deploys AI/ML solutions across the federal, defense, and commercial industries, including supporting U.S. efforts in homeland security and national defense. We offer one of the most advanced video analysis and modeling solutions, which leverages ECS’ hybrid-cloud architecture, commercial best-practice AI solutions, and public cloud high-performance compute-modeling processors. These technologies enable us to develop predictive solutions that can be deployed to the tactical edge for real-time data collection and analysis.

Additional use cases include ECS’s natural language processing (NLP), which analyzes unstructured text data in end-user support tickets, helping a commercial customer better prioritize and resolve service requests. Another commercial customer partnered with ECS to reduce cloud administration spend and recognize optimization benefits, for which we deployed a regression-based linear learner model to better forecast and optimize monthly cloud costs.

AI/ML is not only a practical asset, but also a fast-evolving, highly conceptual technology. This dual nature demands expert personnel dedicated to solving present challenges and embracing future opportunities. ECS combines the thought leadership and resources necessary to tackle these challenges. Our team maintains key data and AI capabilities while pushing the envelope to find new applications for this groundbreaking technology.

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