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Imran Bashir
By Imran Bashir, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer, Cloud Computing and
Vice President, Emerging Technologies

In January, I released a list of cloud predictions with my blog, CloudSight is 20/20: ECS 2020 Cloud Predictions. At the time, no one had any idea we were headed towards a global pandemic, which would shift the world to remote work and change the way we use the cloud. Now, after many months of COVID-19, I was curious to see how my predictions held up. Before we dive in, let’s look at what has changed in the cloud since the start of the year.

What has changed?

Since March, COVID-19 has shifted the way large organizations interact with their corporate IT systems. In the last five months, we have seen rapid cloud migrations as employees transitioned to work-from-home. This shift has caused 59 percent of organizations to expect cloud usage to exceed their pre-pandemic plans. Disruptions in hardware supply chains have also fast-tracked migrations from legacy data centers to the cloud.

While many organizations simply looked for ways to strengthen their existing cloud infrastructure to support remote work, others started at square one. Without a cloud strategy, employees can’t collaborate as efficiently, causing a reduction in productivity. Before the pandemic, these processes would have been planned and executed over a longer period of time, but COVID-19 has forced companies to accelerate their transitions to the cloud.

Revisiting Predictions 1-10

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