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Imran Bashir
By Imran Bashir, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer, Cloud Computing and
Vice President, Emerging Technologies

If you believe in decades, cloud technology has completed one full decade; and what a decade it’s been! According to Bloomberg Government (BGOV), federal agencies are on track to invest $7.1 billion on cloud services in fiscal year 2020. Cloud service providers have anticipated and are responding to this market demand. From 61 cloud services in 2010, AWS for instance had over 6,000 cloud services and features with a pace of over 1,500 services and features added each year. Similarly, Microsoft, Google, and IBM have made leaps and bounds in their respective cloud offerings in infrastructure, platform, and software. Where this wild ride leads us to is anyone’s guess. However, there are certain themes and trends that we think will be very relevant at the outset of this new decade. (Is it a new decade, or does the decade start on 1/1/2021? Let’s leave that debate for another time.)

No matter how you order these trends, and what may be applicable to you, one thing is crystal clear. Cloud is here, and it will continue to be a core of enterprise missions and IT operations for decades to come. The ecosystem of CSPs, cloud technology partners, and cloud consulting partners will continue to mature to enhance cloud services, cloud management tools, and integration services to ensure that enterprises’ reliance on cloud exceeds their expectations.

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