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This November, ECS is proud to celebrate National Veterans and Military Families Month

From cloud and cybersecurity solutions to advances in healthcare IT, our work at ECS has a direct impact on the safety and well-being of U.S. service members. Each day, our engineers, analysts, and architects come together to develop and support the infrastructure that sustains safe operations for the branches of the U.S. military.

ECS experts create and maintain systems and processes that ensure that service members stay combat-ready, and push the boundaries of innovation to create a secure network for federal investigators and law enforcement. Our work for U.S. Army personnel enhances their ability to manage details on benefits, pay, and unit readiness, and protects the tactical systems that keep them safe. The strategic leadership we provide for the military’s global transport system affects military families as they move around the country and the world, in service of our nation.

As ECS focuses on digital modernization, we are proud to serve the Department of Defense (DoD) as they move from legacy systems to agile and efficient digital technologies. In cities across the country, our hardworking team members are in the process of helping to deploy a new integrated IT environment which will modernize healthcare IT for the American military. The effect will be significant, removing barriers between the various branches of the DoD, and helping millions of military families to experience greater ease and access as they navigate the military’s healthcare system.

photo by U.S. Air National Guard
Master Sgt. Mark Olsen

We salute our own employees who are members of the military, along with their families. Thank you for your service. In addition, we offer our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices being made by millions of military families around the world.

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