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The ECS Difference

Ambitious deadlines for targeted zero-trust means the clock is ticking across DoD components. The DoD relies on partners who understand its broad and diverse missions across a global enterprise, as well as its challenging operating environments. These partners must be able to deliver advanced and trusted services, solutions, and support that enable the DoD to operate effectively in the face of evolving threats and attacks.

That’s where ECS comes in. As a leading provider of managed security solutions for the federal government and the defense industry, we know how to assess your organization’s alignment with soon-to-be-mandatory zero-trust requirements and identify gaps. We deliver trusted mission systems, enterprise solutions, and cloud and security managed services that align with the DoD’s zero-trust strategy — all while proactively detecting, defending against, and enabling rapid recovery from threats.

Don’t leave your organization vulnerable or risk non-compliance. Reach out to our experts and start securing your organization with zero-trust today.

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