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ECS is a Virginia Values Veterans (V3) certified organization. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans for the value they bring to the workforce. Virginia has the fastest growing veteran workforce in the country, and ECS is trained on best practices for recruiting and hiring transitioning military members.

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Even when your active duty service ends, your role in the mission doesn’t have to.

“Mission Continued” is a blog series in which military veterans working at ECS discuss transitioning to a civilian work environment and building a successful career while continuing to support the mission of national security and defense.

Learn more about ECS veterans’ experiences:

ECS CultureMission ContinuedRecruiting
June 7, 2023

Mission Continued: With Luis Colon-Castro

In this installment of “Mission Continued,” ECS Vice President of Mission Systems Luis Colon-Castro discusses lessons from his military career, how service members can prepare to transition to the civilian workforce, and how ECS enables him to continue…
ECS CultureMission ContinuedRecruiting
November 10, 2022

Mission Continued: with Sam Stolzoff

ECS Director of Advanced Open Source Solutions Sam Stolzoff discusses lessons from his military career, how service members can prepare to transition to the civilian workforce, and how ECS enables him to continue the mission.
ECS CultureMission Continued
May 26, 2022

Mission Continued: with James DeVore

In this installment of “Mission Continued,” senior SharePoint developer James DeVore discusses lessons from his 20-year Army career, how service members can prepare to transition to the civilian workforce, and how ECS enables him to continue the mission.

Develop Career-Defining Skills

With on-the-job training, education benefits, and mentorship opportunities, ECS can help you build the career you want. Become an AWS Certified Practitioner through our Cloud Center of Excellence. Sharpen your cybersecurity skills through a CompTIA certification. Expand your leadership abilities with Project Management Professional (PMP) training. Or use our robust education benefits to develop skills in an area of your choosing!

Training and education opportunities include:

$5,000 training and education stipend per year
Robust bonus structure (up to $5,000 bonus per certification!)
Student loan repayment assistance for STEM graduates

See how ECS employees have transformed their careers

At ECS, I’ve found a sense of camaraderie and purpose similar to my time in the military. It’s a big family here, and we definitely treat it as such.

Octavius Duffey, Team LeadUSTRANSCOM’s Global Air Transportation Execution System & Retired US Air Force

As a veteran, I take pride in my work at ECS: I help the Department of Defense support our country's warfighters and ensure our nation's security.

Amy SandovalProject Manager & Retired US Marine Corp

ECS showed me that my military skillset was useful, necessary, and valuable in a civilian setting. I was a project manager and didn’t know it!

James Devore, Program Manager and DeveloperDefense Health Agency & Retired US Army

As a veteran and recruiter, I personally experienced how ECS helps military veterans transition to successful careers in our fast paced industry. ECS understands the value our diverse military training and skillsets bring to the table.

Mary MaceSenior Recruiter & Retired US Army

ECS lets me serve my country as both a senior technical architect as well as a reservist in the United States Marine Corps.

Anthony ZechSenior Technical Architect AI/ML & Reservist, United States Marine Corp

ECS is always looking for veterans to join our company. Veterans have a rare blend of skills including leadership, discipline, and decision making. They are hard workers, tenacious problem solvers, and the perfect partners to have on any team.

Steve HittleChief Information Officer, ECS & Retired US Army Ranger

Make an Impact

At ECS, our work impacts civilian and military lives every day. We support critical missions around the world, from healthcare to combat readiness, national security, and environmental research. Build a career that makes a difference.

Take a look at some of the organizations we support:

Interested in learning more about life at ECS? Find out more on our Careers page!

ECS Insights

Artificial IntelligenceECS Blog
September 27, 2023

Security in the Shadows: Is Your Managed Attribution Truly Managed?

How do you know if your managed attribution is truly managed? Understanding the differences between basic anonymization and true managed attribution is crucial for analysts conducting online investigations.
ECS CultureWork That Matters
September 20, 2023

Work That Matters: Shannel Winslow on Organizational Transformation

In this installment of “Work That Matters,” Shannel Winslow, senior transformation consultant at ECS, discusses how she helps organizations of all sizes do the challenging but hugely rewarding work of organizational transformation.
Artificial IntelligenceCybersecurityECS Blog
August 28, 2023

The Power of Predictive Security: How AI Helps Prevent Cyberattacks

ECS Pathfinder leverages AI to deliver predictive security, enabling organizations to identify and mitigate risks before bad actors attack.
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