The world is moving quickly, and so are we

At ECS, we pride ourselves in taking a collaborative approach to solving our client’s most pressing challenges. The secret? Our people: a staff of more than 3,000 hard-working, bright, resilient, curious, and collaborative professionals. We believe in bringing our best selves to the table, and our values drive our culture.

Grit, excellence, drive, and community: these are the stakes we’ve put in the ground, to guide our decisions and our approach to work. Every moment is full of possibility—the chance to grow, build, and serve.


Grit propels us to stay locked in until the work gets done and the mission is complete. We relish the chance to keep moving towards a goal, even when it’s difficult. We work together to cultivate courage and integrity.


Excellence inspires us to find new ways to address evolving challenges. It prompts us to surpass our past successes, create a spirit of innovation within our teams, and find new ways to improve our knowledge and skills.


Drive keeps us focused on our goals and committed to doing all we can to achieve them. We question the status quo while building on what we know. Together, we learn and grow, in service to our customers and each other.


Community is the bond we create together as a company, using philanthropy and volunteering to make life better for our friends and neighbors, and harnessing the power of teamwork with colleagues and customers alike.

I like problem solving. Every day there’s a new opportunity to think outside the box and make a difference in the world.

Valmy AwasomMission Solutions

The team is very supportive, and our technology is cutting-edge. We are encouraged to explore new things constantly.

Tal ReznikovManaged Cybersecurity

All around ECS, there are positive thinking people. They motivate each other to be successful.

Michael BaysApplications, DBA Team Lead

I feel empowered and it’s rewarding knowing that I have grown professionally in the time I have been an employee at ECS.

Amy SandovalSr. Configuration Management Specialist

I enjoy working at ECS because the people are open-minded and approachable, resulting in a collaborative environment, which is essential for success.

Alp Tolga TosunMission Solutions

The ECS SOC fosters an environment of learning that is rapidly translated into action and solutions that help keep ECS cyber customers safe and protected.

Brock DuckettDirector of Engineering

There is a lot of opportunity in the company to move up and into other branches of technology.

Tenneh KoromaJr. Imagery Analyst

Culture, community, and caring

Philanthropy, volunteering, and giving back are central to our culture. We encourage and recognize employees who share their time, expertise, and resources in support of local and national charities. Our two philanthropy initiatives, ECS Cares and ECS Engage, give our team members a chance to give back to the greater community.

Learn more about ECS philanthropy by looking for our hashtags on social media: #ECScares and #ECSengage.

ECS Cares sponsors volunteer activities throughout the year. ECS has nine locations across the country, and this program allows ECS employees to come together, as colleagues and as a community, to make a difference for others in need.

ECS cares logo in white
ECS cares logo in white

ECS Engage allows full-time employees to apply for grants to support their favorite charities, the places where they’ve donated their own time and resources over the years. ECS has donated to more than 30 non-profit organizations recommended by our employees.

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