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Every year, the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) announces the theme for the May observance of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month. This year’s theme, “Advancing Leaders Through Innovation,” is a continuation of the “Advancing Leaders” series that began in 2021. It recognizes the visionaries, trailblazers, and innovators in the AANHPI community who have helped shape its history and continue to influence its, and all our, future.

We are #ECSProud to recognize our AANHPI ECSers and the creative, innovative, and critical work they do every day. We are also privileged to uplift the many communities represented in our company through our employee resource groups (ERGs), including the ECS InspirASIAN ERG.

Read on to hear from some of our ECSers as they celebrate their heritage and a spirit of innovation, as well as highlights from this month’s events and another look at how the InspirASIAN ERG helps build AANHPI community at ECS.

#ECSProud to Celebrate AANHPI Heritage and Innovation

“As we celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month, it’s a privilege to reflect on how the trust from our leadership has allowed creativity to thrive within our technical work. We’re proud to set the bar high.”

Arlene Mei Pinpin Stevens
Penetration Testing Service Manager

“As a HR Business Partner at ECS, I am proud to assist our employees – whether it be through personal growth and knowledge via our training benefits or assistance with questions or concerns and guiding them through what they need. ECS has made me feel proud to be that helping hand!”

Josh Biacan
HR Business Partner

“I was proud to have a mentoring nonprofit I volunteer for, Spark the Journey, get selected for an ECS Cares campaign. It was a reassurance that ECS invests in causes that their employees are passionate about.”

Raeeq Osman
Project Manager

“The InspirASIAN ERG has really helped me grow as a leader and has given me the ability to bring my Asian roots into the work I do. As an inaugural officer serving my second year as the secretary, I’m very proud to see how this ERG has been built from the ground up. The continued evolution of the group is truly an inspiration!”

Jayne Liu
Consultant II, Enterprise Solutions

“As the chair of the InspirASIAN ERG at ECS for the past two years, I’m immensely proud of the journey we’ve embarked on together. It’s been an amazing experience connecting with coworkers, fostering diversity, and promoting inclusion within our organization.”

Vanessa Rollamas
Recruiting Lead, Chair, InspirASIAN ERG

InspirASIAN ERG Event Highlights

The InspirASIAN ERG hosted several events for AANHPI Heritage Month 2024, including:

  • A tour of Washington, D.C.’s embassies.
  • A potluck event highlighting AANHPI cuisine, as well as a live broadcast and Q&A session with Bruce Taijeron, Native Hawaiian/Chamoru educator, civil rights advocate, and legal scholar.

Finding AANHPI Community With the InspirASIAN ERG

The InspirASIAN ERG serves its members by spreading awareness and strengthening a sense of AANHPI community at ECS, as well as empowering ECSers through mentorship and encouragement.

Hear from ERG members on the value of finding AANHPI community in the workplace!

“I joined the InspirASIAN ERG to celebrate our rich cultural heritage where inclusion has always been part of our ethos.”

Kazi Ziaul Islam
Cyber Infrastructure Deputy Lead & Project Manager

“Being a part of the InspirASIAN ERG at ECS offers a sense of belonging, fosters diverse connections, and provides a supportive environment where shared experiences and perspectives are valued!”

Dennis Humady
Deputy Operations Manager

“I’m grateful to be a member of the InspirASIAN ERG representing the Asian community within ECS. Being a part of this group fosters a deep understanding and appreciation of our cultures. It is a platform where we not only share our own cultural experiences but also learn from others, contributing to a more inclusive workplace environment.”

Cherry Bezdek
Project Manager

“ECS ERG’s promote diversity, equity, and inclusion! It’s been a great way to connect with colleagues across different departments and share thoughts!”

Parminder Kaur
Cloud Engineer

Grit. Drive. Community. Excellence. 

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