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This year’s Black History Month focused on African American artists — poets, writers, visual artists, and dancers — who have historically served as change agents through their crafts. As the month comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on our extraordinary colleagues and highlight some of the amazing work led by our Black Professionals, Friends, and Allies (BPF&A) employee resource group.

Meet the Artists

Music. Painting. Poetry. Videography. ECSers can do it all. Meet some of our most creative and inspiring colleagues and see how they express their unique perspectives through art.

The best way to express yourself is to disregard coloring within the lines.


Senior Consultant
Visual/Graphic Artist

Into the Light

Acrylic on canvas

Boxes and Intersections

Acrylic on canvas

Reggie specializes in developing content for Black-owned small businesses and Black professionals.


IT Support Technician

Time to Talk

PurVanilla Pearls
Volume 2

I began exploring poetic expression in my youth as a means to cope with the woes of young adulthood … through my art, I have connected with and assisted many who have survived abusive and toxic relationships.


Master Specialist
Writer and Poet

I like to describe myself as a DJ with a day job. I have been DJing for over 20 years. I love the bond music creates between people from all walks of life. Music is truly universal, and there is nothing better than sharing it with other people.


Program Manager

Music has been a part of my life since I was a baby. My grandfather was a musician, and my dad is a musician. Learning to play several instruments in my musical journey is amazing, but being a DJ is the most fun.


ServiceNow Developer
Musician and DJ

BPF&A: Fostering a Space for Connection and Learning

The members of our BPF&A employee resource group foster a space for ECS team members to collaborate, share experiences and insights, and learn from one another through meetings, lunch-and-learn events, and speaker engagements to serve Black communities.

This month featured a series of talks and spotlights, culminating in the Black History Month celebration, networking, and community-building event, “Harmony in Heritage.” The Feb. 28 event featured a musical performance and BPF&A panel discussion.

Employee Resource Groups

At ECS, we pride ourselves in taking a collaborative approach to solving our client’s most pressing challenges. The secret? Our people: a staff of more than 3,900 hard-working, bright, resilient, curious, and collaborative professionals. We believe in bringing our best selves to the table, and our values drive our culture.

Grit, excellence, drive, and community: these are the stakes we’ve put in the ground, to guide our decisions and our approach to work. Every moment is full of possibility — the chance to grow, build, and serve.

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