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With increasing digitization and remote access, Information Technology Operations (IT Ops) feels acute pressure to ensure operational continuity.

As your personnel are stretched thin providing day-to-day troubleshooting and monitoring for vulnerabilities and threats, it’s time to rethink IT Ops. A managed service provider with a proven track record and expertise, such as ECS, can help your organization realize the same capabilities as in-house IT Ops (or better) at a fraction of the cost. Read on to learn more about the specific challenges facing IT Ops today and the value in outsourcing these responsibilities — as well as what to look for in an ideal partner.

The Pressures Facing In-House IT Ops

While onsite operations have ramped up in recent months, Security and IT Ops remain stubbornly short-staffed, even as organizations’ cyber assets and network complexity continue to grow. This growth increases not just the workload for IT team members, but the organization’s total attack surface area.

The result: your personnel spend their days distracted with day-to-day troubleshooting. They lack the resources to move beyond a reactive posture and perform the analysis needed for observability. Capabilities such as early warnings for outages or proactive threat hunting remain elusive.

This model of IT Ops drives a vicious cycle of burnout. Constantly replacing personnel represents a huge cost, and the time and money spent on training new recruits will often not be recouped. Finally, the lack of a proactive security approach also puts organizations at risk of significant costs in the form of a breach.

Finding An Ideal Partner

Partnering with a managed services provider for either co-managed or fully managed IT Ops enables you to increase your IT Ops capabilities while reducing your costs. Your provider should be flexible and able to offer you different degrees of involvement/oversight to match your unique needs.

Co-Managed IT Ops

Offers basic monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerts, as well as the tracking and root cause investigation necessary for real observability.

Fully Managed IT Ops

Goes a step further by configuring, maintaining, and updating tools and systems, in addition to providing on-call/onsite resources for immediate emergency response.

Even with all its services, a fully managed IT Ops partnership still results in significant cost reduction for the typical business. It alleviates IT retention problems and enables a more forward-looking, strategic approach to IT Ops and security. Outsourcing IT Ops capabilities also frees up critical resources to be used elsewhere in the organization.

ECS has the expertise to provide those capabilities. With co-managed and fully managed offerings that scale with the size of your enterprise and your specific needs, we can take the pressure off while ensuring your IT Ops remains effective. Reach out to ECS’ experts today if you’re ready to rethink IT Ops.

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