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Facing a fast-approaching deadline to vacate a data center, a multinational staffing firm chose ECS to replace their legacy endpoint cybersecurity program with a fully managed, as-a-service-based solution. ECS created a cutting-edge, cloud-based cybersecurity program and, within a week, executed a successful migration from the client’s legacy data center to a newly configured, cloud-based environment.

More and more companies are turning away from large-footprint data centers in favor of cloud-based, managed cybersecurity solutions. These modern systems not only offer more agile protection than their legacy counterparts, but also relieve companies of the burden of operating and maintaining costly data centers full of aging infrastructure.

When a multinational staffing firm decided to reduce their global data center footprint, their Atlanta-based operations found themselves up against an impending deadline: vacate their existing data center by the end of the month or face a six-figure penalty for every week it remained open. With less than two weeks to transition from this legacy system, the company turned to ECS to design and implement a modern cybersecurity solution as quickly as possible.

Transitioning to a New Solution

To meet the client’s needs, ECS implemented a new cybersecurity program designed to support the rapid migration of user endpoints from the legacy data center to a cloud-based system fully managed by ECS in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The program ensured secure, uninterrupted service for thousands of employees.

ECS opted for an aggressive migration strategy to meet this ambitious timeline. First, ECS personnel built out a cloud-based replica of the existing on-premises cybersecurity environment in AWS. Rather than transition to this virtual solution through a conventional phase-in period, ECS instead executed a flash cut to the AWS servers, migrating to the new cloud environment within one week and successfully meeting the mandated deadline.

Before ECS

An expensive legacy data center with an aging infrastructure and large global footprint.

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After ECS

Rapid migration for global user base into a single, fully optimized, cloud-based environment.

Proven, Cost-Effective Support

ECS’ cloud-based cybersecurity system is both cost effective—leveraging the economies of scale achieved by cloud service providers and allowing companies to pay for only the products and services they use—and offers much greater agility than its legacy predecessor. Without the constraint of physical infrastructure, the system can be changed at a much faster pace than its legacy counterpart, especially when scaling resources to meet surge events and defend against malicious activity.

Throughout this transition, the client continued to use the suite of McAfee products employed in their former data center. While McAfee products have long been industry standard, not all are natively supported in the cloud. Through a combination of cloud and cybersecurity operations expertise, ECS optimized these McAfee applications for the virtual environment, providing the desired as-a-service model, while enabling them to maintain their existing McAfee relationships and entitlements. This system gives the client the best of both worlds: a new, fully managed cybersecurity solution underpinned by the proven technology they trust.

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