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What’s stopping your cloud adoption?

With our cloud migration and assessment solutions, ECS helps your organization unlock the flexibility, savings, and control of cloud storage and computing.


As data, apps, and core business functions shift to the cloud, more and more enterprise organizations view their on-premises data centers as costly expenditures lacking the flexibility and scalability provided by modern cloud storage solutions. By migrating to the cloud, these organizations can significantly lower overhead, gain granular control over their data, and redistribute resources away from IT maintenance towards innovation and core business functions.

It is all too easy, however, for organizations to underestimate the time and effort required to migrate their workloads, data, and operations to the cloud. Without proper planning, testing, and execution, organizations can face extended downtimes and risk data loss.

With ECS’ cloud assessment and migration services, organizations can mitigate the risks in their cloud adoption journey. From discovery and assessment to migration and post-deployment support, ECS guides your organization through every stage of the migration process, ensuring that your data transitions safely and securely with minimal impact on business operations.

CHALLENGE: Your IT team struggles to capture, sort, and migrate the vast amounts of data currently stored across your network.

SOLUTION: With our cloud migration assessment services, ECS determines your current state of migration readiness and identifies areas where further development is needed in order to migrate at scale. Through a rigorous discovery and interview process, ECS maps your organization’s hardware and software requirements, along with inter/intra system dependencies, ensuring the appropriate firewall, routing, and services are configured to meet dependency and access control requirements.

Within your specific framework of applications and processes, ECS builds a roadmap for transition. Whether you are a small business looking for a secure, low-cost way to store data or a large government agency adapting to changing demands, ECS will custom-design cloud architecture that best suits your operations, data classification, and budget.

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