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Proactive Security Mitigates Risk and Cuts Costs

The ECS Advanced Research Center (ARC) threat intelligence team has created a framework and architecture to leverage Cyware’s Cyber Fusion Platform, which unites cyber threat intelligence (CTI) with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), to identify salient threats and preemptively mitigate risk. CTI provides critical insights into the motivations and capabilities of sophisticated threat groups. Our Cyware partnership is able to provide our analysts with additional tools to deliver advanced threat investigation, response, security automation, and notifications, cutting costs and eliminating management overhead.

Deployment of the joint framework will boost ECS’ ability to collect, analyze, and disseminate timely and actionable cyber threat information at scale. This will empower ECS to identify and mitigate threats before they affect our customers’ operations, enhancing their security posture and providing leaders with a decision advantage.

EmpoweringCyber FusionWith Cyware

Cyware’s Cyber Fusion automates response and threat analysis by extensive data visibility and advanced correlation, driving intelligent action from cybersecurity teams and helping to keep organizations one step ahead of their adversaries.

As an official Cyware Design Partner, ECS also collaborates with Cyware to inform the Cyber Fusion, threat intelligence platform, and SOAR solution roadmaps with practical insights from ECS’ managed service operation. In this way, ECS can continuously adapt Cyware’s offering to the nation’s threat landscape based on the strategies of adversaries and the needs of frontline analysts.

The ECS Difference

ECS helps move your security needle from reactive to proactive, with a full suite of intelligence capabilities, managed security services, and 24/7/365 analyst support.

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