Government-certified and operational design

ECS’ Flight Termination System (FTS) is a turnkey, self-contained, solid-state, fully programmable system with a flexible architecture to meet the challenges of today’s evolving test and range requirements. ECS’ FTS is a fully redundant configuration that includes its ground-based Command Transmitter System (CTS) and custom command and control subsystems. It can concurrently provide IRIG/EFTS remote control and flight termination functions from multiple sites spread over a large geographic area via a network of fully redundant and automated transmitters. ECS provides range safety officers (RSO) with human-machine interfaces (HMI) for mobile command and control during mission execution.


System Engineering

  • Radar Systems 
  • Command Transmitter and Flight Termination Systems 
  • Custom Radio-Frequency Systems 
  • Quick Prototyping for Field Experiments 
  • Full Life-Cycle System Engineering 
  • Turnkey Solutions 
  • System Integration and Qualification 

Radio-Frequency (RF) Engineering

  • Wideband RF/Microwave Design and Test 
  • mmW System Design and Test 
  • High Power RF Systems 
  • HighReliability Circuits and Systems 
  • Mixed Signal Circuits and Systems 
  • PCB Design, Layout, and Test 
  • Detailed System Analyses (Link Budget, Receiver Noise Figure & Dynamic Range, Sensitivity, Spurious/Harmonic Balance) 
  • RF Simulation/Analysis Software (Agilent Genesys, MATLAB, MathCADetc…) 

Software & Computer Engineering

  • Instrumentation/Hardware Control 
  • Positioning System Control 
  • HighSpeed Data Acquisition/Storage 
  • Graphical User Interfaces 
  • Data/Image Processing (radar, pulse-Doppler, step-chirp, tomographic) 
  • RealTime Processing 
  • National Instruments LabVIEW 
  • C and Assembly Programming 
  • XMidas 

Digital Design Engineering

  • High-speed logic design (TTL, ECL, PECL, CMOS) 
  • Programmable logic (Altera, Xilinx) 
  • Interfaces (serial, IEEE-488, VXI/VME, PCI, SCSI, FPDP, custom) 
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) design for real-time processing applications 
  • Programmable logic development tools 
  • DSP hardware/software development 
  • Design, layout, and verification of multi-layer printed circuit assemblies 
  • Programmable delay circuits 
  • PCB thermal management 
  • Transmission line and grounding management for A/D converters 

Mechanical Engineering

  • Large-Scale Structural (antenna mounts, environmental enclosures and ISO containers) 
  • Small-Scale Mechanical (component mounting fixtures, PCB and sensor enclosures) 
  • PCB Layout and Routing 
  • Thermal Management 
  • Systems in Motion (antenna/system positioners) 
  • Environmental Design (outdoor and airborne) 
  • Design and Drafting 
  • Ruggedized Systems 


RF & Microwave
Test Equipment
(10kHz – 18GHz)

Network Analyzers

Microwave Transition Analyzer

Noise Figure Meter and Noise Sources

RF Power Meters and Frequency Counters

Spectrum, Signal and Modulation Analyzers

RF Sources and Synthesizers


Digital, Analog
and Mixed Signal
Test Equipment


Logic and Protocol Analyzers


Function and Pulse Generators

Power Electronics

Radar Systems
(mobile adaptable)

MkV Instrumentation Radars

Measurements from 0.1-18 GHz

Expandable to Ka, V, and W bands

Rack-Mounted Configuration

High-Power VHF Measurement Radar

Indoor Radar

Rails and Rotators for SAR, ISAR, and 3D Imaging

Calibration Targets



Sabre Radar System
Flight Termination System
Command Transmitter System
Cheetah Measurement System
Instrumentation Radar Measurement Services
MKVe Radar System

Range Safety Insights

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ECS manages the CDM Dashboard Ecosystem, which supports all federal civilian agencies and summarizes cyber risk for DHS.