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Get the Benefits of the Cloud While Protecting Your Data 

The cloud and SaaS tools leave you more susceptible to both accidental and intentional disclosures of sensitive data by employees, partners, and threat actors.

With the ECS Managed Data Protection Program, you can protect your intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and financial information, while your organization accesses the web and cloud apps it needs. We help you protect your workforce from threats, satisfy regulatory requirements, and avoid becoming the next data-breach headline.

Complete Visibility, Granular Control 

The ECS Managed Data Protection Program gives you complete visibility into the location of your data and granular control of your cloud apps. It gives you the ability to: 

  • Identify where and how your sensitive data is stored and protected.  
  • Stop the removal of sensitive data from your corporate environment through file sharing, copy-and-pasting, USB drives, email, or other means. 
  • Maintain compliance. 

Extend Your Data Loss Prevention Efforts With ECS Expertise 

Identify All Your Risks

We interview your business unit leaders and data governance stakeholders to understand your business objectives and identify your data handling and storage requirements.

Create and Enforce the Right Data Policies

Our data loss prevention (DLP) experts use best practices to implement, monitor, and enforce data policies that serve your specific business needs.

Get Continuous Monitoring and Enforcement

ECS monitors and enforces DLP policies to identify data sharing across your on-premises and cloud environments and detect insider threats and compromised accounts.

Retain Access and Custom Reporting

As co-manager of your DLP program, you retain access to run your own reports and leverage all the benefits of a mature DLP program, without the usual complexity.

“The ECS Data Protection Program is about protecting information for our customers, employees, and consumers. We’re all stakeholders in data breaches. By helping our customers create and enforce these complex and difficult-to-maintain data protection policies, we’re providing necessary monitoring and protection.” 

Jay Appell
Data Loss Prevention/Cloud Access Security Broker Team Lead

Leverage Industry-leading Products

Meet Our Data Loss Prevention Experts

Data Loss Prevention/Cloud
Access Security Broker
Team Lead 

Data Loss Prevention
Engineer 2

Web Security

Cybersecurity Engineer
Data Loss Prevention/Cloud
Access Security Broker T2

Are you doing enough with your in-house DLP efforts? Let’s talk.  

Has your organization’s DLP software become shelfware? Would you like more information about the ECS Data Protection Program and the process of procuring it for your organization? Contact our experts to learn more. 

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