What’s your worry with data loss?

With ECS’ data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, organizations gain the necessary visibility to secure their intellectual property, protect sensitive information, and comply with industry regulations surrounding consumer data.


Now, more than ever before, organizations are storing and accessing sensitive data across a variety of networks, clouds, and devices. Without proper visibility into these complex systems, organizations increase their risk of theft or the accidental disclosure of sensitive information, including financial data and personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card numbers, social security numbers (SSNs), and protected health information (PHI). Failure to protect this sensitive data can result in serious penalties and lasting reputational damage as evolving compliance mandates have tightened data protection requirements surrounding consumer information.

With managed data loss prevention (DLP) by ECS, organizations can understand how and where their employees interact with sensitive data and what controls are needed to protect it. Our experts will help your organization secure your intellectual property, protect sensitive information, and comply with industry regulations and business standards surrounding data protection.


CHALLENGE: Your team lacks the ability to prevent and respond to events in which sensitive information has been unintendedly disclosed.

SOLUTION: Backed by the latest monitoring and prevention software, ECS’ analysts will identify when sensitive information such as personal health records or confidential data has been shared or accessed by parties inside or outside of your organization. When permissions are violated, ECS automatically blocks any future attempts to access, store, or share the information.



CHALLENGE: Removable devices pose a threat to your enterprise data and serve as a potential entry point for malware.

SOLUTION: ECS leverages hardware and content-based filtering, strict access control, and real-time monitoring to prevent the unauthorized use of removable media and mass storage devices. Whether your employee is in the office or on the move, ECS captures detailed device information and enforces strict security policies, ensuring data is never misused and malware remains safely off your corporate network.



CHALLENGE: Changing data regulations make it hard for your organization to maintain compliance with government and industry standards.

SOLUTION: Whether you store PII, PHI, credit card information, or other regulated data, ECS provides your organization with the remediation tools to meet regulatory frameworks. When audits occur, increased visibility makes it easier to assemble the necessary compliance information, saving time, money, and effort.