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Cybercrime is no chilled glass of Sauvignon blanc on a hot summer’s day. Sit down with our cyber expert and sommelier Cheickna Mané as he pairs wine to the latest threat actor, TTP, or story from the field with a special guest on the latest episode of Wine About Cybercrime. 

Episode #1: Data Privacy Hangover

On the premiere episode of Wine About Cybercrime, our host Cheickna Mané sits down with Bill Rankin, Cybersecurity Compliance Manager, to complain about data privacy regulations during data breaches. Through lots of laughs and a few glasses of Cheickna’s chosen J.L. Quinson Côtes de Provence Rosé, Bill fills Cheickna in on all the headaches that give him a data privacy hangover.  

Watch along with a glass of rosé and let us know if you too have a data privacy hangover! 

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