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The Challenge

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) plays a critical role in equipping our military and defense agencies. DISA serves U.S. service members globally, allowing them to access crucial information through services like computer hosting, information assurance, multinational information sharing, and data services. The agency also provides IT and communications support to the Executive Branch, the Secretary of Defense, and various combatant commands.

With such a wide array of mission partners and clients, DISA recognized an acute need to standardize and modernize its Service Catalog, improving partner access to more than 100 services, as well as the DISA Marketplace (DMP).

To achieve this goal, DISA turned to ECS. In collaboration with DISA’s own Business Systems PMO (SD2) and several agency-wide integrated project teams, ECS delivered the final piece of the puzzle: the ServiceNow platform.

The ECS Approach

In partnering with ECS, DISA had two key goals:


Enhance the DISA Service Catalog to improve the user experience and accessibility for partners and clients.


Progress towards updated order entry capabilities within the DMP – a critical component of a larger two-year DMP modernization project.

ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform focused on automating workflows, intelligent applications, Internet-of-Things (IoT)-connected operations, and more, was perfectly suited to the task.

ECS’ DISA and ServiceNow Implementation teams – backed by extensive certifications, knowledge, and experience – provided the necessary expertise in ServiceNow modernization, order-entry processes, training, and platform integration to effect several key improvements:

  • Activation of a new Service Catalog on the DISA Service Portal using the ServiceNow platform.
  • Significant progress towards operationalizing streamlined order entry capabilities for all DISA service portfolios.
  • Set the stage for a modernized DMP to replace the existing DISA Storefront application.

The Result

With this new foundation of consolidated business processes and standardized features and functionality, DISA realized a vastly improved user experience for its Service Catalog. In addition, thanks to the expertise of ECS’ ServiceNow consultants, DISA is well on its way to achieving long-term goals of DMP modernization and streamlined order entry capabilities.

Ultimately, these improvements will position DISA to better achieve its mission: enabling lethality across all warfighting domains in defense of our nation.

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