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A Process-based Approach to Data Consolidation

Leveraging a commercial off-the-shelf solution from our partner Mediquant, ECS built a legacy data consolidation solution (LDCS) known as the Health Information Archive (HIA). The HIA enables NIWC Atlantic to meet the PEO DHMS requirement to retain all legacy data from source systems for long-term archival and retrieval.

ECS experts created a system that can perform extract, transform, and load functions to map the data into a common model across all legacy systems, enabling it to be read by MHS GENESIS. The new HIA also supports critical use cases such as:

  • Research, analytics, and reporting
  • Clinical point of care
  • Legal medical record
  • User interfacing with other DHA and DoD systems


A Powerful Solution Integrated Into DHA Healthcare Infrastructure

ECS was able to deploy a cloud-native solution that will provide a secure and active health data repository for DHA’s legacy clinical systems. Given the success of the project, NIWC recently added new data pipelines and capabilities, expanding the project beyond its initial operational capabilities. With the new LDCS, ECS is able to provide direct access to a single source of a patient’s historical medical records and make better decisions around the health and security of our nation’s warfighters.


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