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We can help you get where you’re going.

ECS’ experts will diagnose your enterprise maturity level and work with your team to chart the path forward.  Our recommendations cover not only your use of the ServiceNow platform, but also people, processes, and products, forming a comprehensive strategy to achieve your digital transformation goals.

Our starting point is your vision—what do you want to achieve? From this foundation, we build a plan of action, establishing the “as-is” state of your enterprise and proceeding to the desired “to-be” end state.

We will use your information to contact you about your request. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Based on your organizational objectives, we offer four categories of assessment:

Platform Assessment

  • Operational assessment of the current-state functionality of your platform
  • Recommendations for platform optimization to align with business objectives

Process Assessment

  • Operational assessment of people and process elements of your enterprise
  • Recommendations to achieve desired capabilities and maturity state

Strategic Assessment

  • Deep-dive assessment of current-state platform functionality and solution architecture
  • Step-by-step roadmap to achieve strategic objectives

Value Assessment

  • In-depth analysis of your people, processes, and platform.
  • Comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap to obtain maximum value and return on investment (ROI) from all areas of your enterprise.