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At ECS, philanthropy and volunteering are central to our culture. Learn more about our two philanthropy initiatives—ECS Cares and ECS Engage—which help our team members give back to the greater community.

ECS Cares sponsors volunteer activities throughout the year. ECS has 22 locations across 11 states, and this program allows ECS employees to come together, as colleagues and as a community, to make a difference for others in need.

ECS Engage allows full-time employees to apply for grants to support their favorite charities, the places where they’ve donated their own time and resources over the years. ECS has donated to more than 30 non-profit organizations recommended by our employees.


See how ECS employees have used ECS Cares and ECS Engage sponsorships and grants to support causes near and dear to their heart.

I’ll keep cycling until my legs tell me I can’t anymore. I’ve done these rides to support my wife and brother, and I can’t express the gratitude I felt to have ECS’ generous support this year.

Jason HeuerRode 100-Miles Bike MS

With help from the ECS Engage grant, Boulder Crest Foundation continues to help veterans transform their struggle into a source of continued strength.

Bob ShieldsSupports veteran health through Boulder Crest Foundation

As a retired military officer, I appreciate the ability to continue to serve the nation as part of a company that is dedicated to protecting our freedom, as well as giving back to the communities in which we live.

Herb WesselmanLeads an annual blood drive for the American Red Cross

ECS Cares has become an important part of who we are as a company. It’s a great feeling to know that we can connect with coworkers and colleagues to take part in activities that really make a difference for those around us.

Beth MissarSpearheaded a Toys for Tots campaign

When one of our team members asked if we could get involved in the Autumn Sock Campaign, because they too had been homeless as a child, I understood the impact this effort could make. I could not be prouder of our team and ECS for promoting the campaign.

Rebecca CuffageOrganized the Autumn Sock Campaign


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