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At ECS, our sustainability efforts are part of a company-wide collaboration. In every business unit and department, we integrate actions that support our commitment to corporate responsibility. We value our role as a corporate citizen and caring neighbor—and continue to look for new ways to make positive contributions to the world around us. Throughout our company, we work together to reduce the strain we place on the environment, both locally and globally. In addition, we work to have a positive impact, socially and economically, on our local community.


Facilities Management. At ECS, employees have access to filtering water machines as an alternative to bottled water, and access to dedicated receptacles for office waste recycling including paper, tin cans, aluminum, cardboard, and plastics. Recycling efforts continue on a corporate level with discarded computer and printer equipment being “e-cycled” (electronic recycling) with a local vendor. Networked copy machines default to two-sided printing to reduce paper and consumption, and we ensure that copy machine toner cartridges are returned and reused.

Our building HVAC is timer-controlled to operate only during normal occupancy hours, resulting in reduced power consumption and we’ve added LED lighting to all remodeled areas of our office space, coupled with on/off occupant sensors. In our lower-level garage, the lighting has been converted to LED, as well, for reduced power consumption. Restrooms feature water-saving auto flush valves and sinks with water-saving aerators.

Information Systems Management. ECS has reduced its physical server countdown to 21 from 198 via virtualization. We’ve set computer policies to force sleep mode and shutdown in times of inactivity, and where possible, use desktop computers versus laptops to reduce hazardous waste associated with long-life batteries.

Strategic Travel and Telework. We instituted the ECS Telework Program to enable employees to work closer to where they live. Our investments in this area include upgraded audiovisual capabilities to support the increased use of video conferencing, and other technology enhancements to enable telecommuting. We’ve deployed video teleconferencing (VTC) capabilities to reduce travel requirements. At some of our locations, such as our Fairfax, Virginia headquarters, and our offices in Arlington, Virginia, and Boston, Massachusetts, ECS employees are close to metro stations, allowing them to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.


Philanthropy, volunteering, and giving back are central to our culture at ECS. We encourage and recognize employees who share their time, expertise, and resources in support of local and national charities. Our two philanthropy initiatives, ECS Cares and ECS Engage, give our team members a chance to give back to the greater community.

ECS Cares sponsors volunteer activities throughout the year. ECS has nine locations across the country, and this program allows ECS employees to come together and make a difference for those in need. ECS Engage allows full-time employees to apply for grants to support their favorite charities. ECS has donated to more than 30 nonprofit organizations recommended by our employees. Volunteer efforts are widely shared and celebrated across the company via social media.

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