Building, migrating and modernizing custom software applications

At ECS, we provide the highest levels of expertise as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and an AWS Audited Managed Service Provider. We hold the AWS DevOps Competency, AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency (SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange) and Microsoft Gold Competencies including Application Development and Application Integration. Combining our unique background in both AWS cloud platform and Microsoft Application development enables us to offer the highest value-added return for customers in their journey to migrating and modernizing Microsoft applications in AWS.

Our Microsoft Application Modernization capabilities include migration, development, optimization, refactoring, DevOps, automated testing and deployment, configuration management, and full life-cycle management and support. We provide world-class expertise in building, migrating, and modernizing .NET custom software applications using Microsoft technologies such as MSSQL, IIS and PowerShell, deployed on AWS cloud. ECS provides continual integration, automated deployment, and application deployment based on AWS’ elastic and scalable platform. This allows our customers to deploy and configure their workloads to support mission and stakeholder objectives.


Sun Edison Leverages ECS to Deploy AWS Microsoft .NET Application Modernization Solution


Our client was using a legacy technology platform to analyze data from solar panels, and struggled with missed service level agreements, low availability, and high data center costs. The platform needed to be modernized for more robust analytics and cloud benefits to include supporting an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The monitoring center tracking and analyzing data required more insights, faster response, and the ability to query trends over a larger historical data repository. Due to personnel turnover, the client also lacked expertise in the legacy applications which resulted in a frozen legacy code base that needed modernization to meet the company’s evolving mission.


The legacy application was Ruby-based on Linux Ubuntu, and the client’s staff was unfamiliar with the code. We proposed a modernization strategy utilizing.NET with a new intuitive dashboard leveraging Amazon Redshift and Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. We modernized the platform, one component at a time to include data ingress, queue readers and storage. Once the data in these systems went through this data processing pipeline, the analysis layer recorded and analyzed the data. The final component was the presentation dashboard.

We delivered this solution using the following Amazon Web Services: Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Block Store (EBS), Relational Database Service (RDS) for PostgreSQL, Redshift, S3, ElastiCache and Route 53.


Benefits to our customer included a new fleet dashboard powered by data with a real-time view of solar collectors globally. This solution reduced operating expenses and resulted a in mean time to resolution of solar panel issues from four hours to four minutes. For the first time, the client can analyze historical data with Redshift and has unlimited data store to enable historical trend analysis, a framework for configuration, and systematic change management. The result is the customer’s data can now be turned into actionable insights to support their business mission.

ECS Delivers Comtech an Enterprise Cloud Management Portal (iRAMP) Utilizing AWS Microsoft .NET Application Modernization Solution


Comtech required lower cloud administration costs and the ability to manage multiple cloud accounts from a single, centralized interface. This includes auditing of activities across these accounts, scheduling services to allow start/stop on a fixed schedule, automating enforcement of best practices such as image configuration and tagging of resources, and detailing the cost of cloud resources and utilization by account, program, project, or environment. They also need the ability to establish a chargeback model and allocate consumption costs to individual applications or business units used.


Utilizing a .net application modernization on AWS approach and as part of our audited MSP services, ECS provided a cloud automation portal (iRAMP) which provides:

  • Real-time multi CSP metrics, usages, and billing data accessed in a centralized management portal dashboard
  • Aggregated enterprise-level visibility across multiple AWS, private and hybrid clouds
  • On-demand reporting, emails, and alerts to identify daily spend, spending trends, and anomalies
  • Comprehensive asset management solution across your entire cloud footprint
  • Standardized approach to on-demand provisioning working across multiple CSPs
  • Detailed billing reports, cost analysis functions, usage metrics, and ad hoc business intelligence queries with real-time billing data
  • Data export functions for easy use with any business intelligence service
  • Fully compliant for physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities use

We delivered this solution using the following Amazon Web Services: Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Block Store (EBS), Relational Database Service (RDS) for PostgreSQL, S3, Lambda and Route 53.


iRAMP provides the ability to gain insight and visibility from an enterprise data view across all cloud platforms, into their cloud resources and spend. This enables customers to translate insights into knowledge, allowing for a deeper understanding and better decision-making. They can also leverage this intelligence to provide tighter measurement of governance policies and compliance to standards. ECS leveraged the .NET framework on AWS to develop a modern application solution that’s highly available, elastic, scalable, secure and able to enhance their AWS platforms.