Ask ECS employee Kader Gumus and she will tell you it’s having a higher purpose.



Kader is the Program Manager for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) project. Her team works diligently to safeguard the TSA network—a highly targeted system for terrorist and cyber-attacks. Her dedication to her client’s mission and her ECS teammates is equally paralleled by a dedication to making an impact in her community. For Kader, the job and the charity work she does feed off one another and bring a higher purpose to her days.

As an advocate and coach for social entrepreneurship, Kader has been particularly grateful for the ECS Engage program. This corporate program gives full-time employees the opportunity to apply for grants in support of volunteer involvement in their community. Engage offers employees support and encouragement to practice their higher purpose.

“The Engage application process is very simple,” Kader said. All applications are submitted to the ECS Engage committee. The yearly appointed committee is made up of a diverse group of employees from different office locations with varying levels of seniority. The committee meets quarterly to evaluate applications and award grants. The grants are then distributed directly to the selected organizations. Both the organization and the Engage applicant receive a personally signed letter of gratitude and support from the ECS president.

As an Engage “frequent flyer,” Kader has been able to secure grants for several of her volunteer organizations in Fairfax County. She has received support for diverse charities such as Feed a Family (FAF), The Women’s Center, The Breast Cancer Box, Lift a Vet, and Legal Services of Northern Virginia (LSNV) in collaboration with the Domestic Violence Network.

“To me, it is important to work for a company that supports their employees’ commitments and passion outside of the workplace.”

“To me, it is important to work for a company that supports their employees’ commitments and passion outside of the workplace,” said Kader. “What pays the bills is not always what fulfills one’s desire for purpose, community, and impact in the world.”

To Kader, ECS’ company culture reflects the organization’s leadership, mission, values, and goals. “By valuing community through corporate and social responsibility, we nurture compassion, empathy, and care collectively as an organization,” she said. “To me, this speaks highly to the integrity of ECS and its cultural strength.”

Teams working towards a higher purpose

Kader, who works on site at the TSA, describes her team of junior and senior IT experts as phenomenal and open. She believes the work they do helps protect the nation and supports a higher purpose. She brings this philosophy to her daily interactions. “I come in with a different philosophical approach,” she said. “And I see my clients appreciating it. We are working as a community towards a greater good—this really resonates with my clients.”

At ECS, Kader has found a company that recognizes her efforts to support her customers, as well as the personal time she dedicates to the betterment of her community. The result is greater employee satisfaction, both on the job and in life.

“When we volunteer,” she said, “we often gain practical experience that we can bring back to the workplace. We learn skills that can enhance our resumes. But to me, it’s also a reminder not to become complacent—to look for a higher purpose in life through service to others.”

Kader believes that ECS Engage also affects the company’s reputation in the community in a positive way. “Because of the Engage program, ECS is in a unique position to be a leader and positive role model for other organizations,” she explained. “ECS’ dedication and commitment to creating change in local communities shows policy and lawmakers that change is possible, solutions can be implemented, and communities can be improved.”

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