By John Sankovich
Vice President, Cloud Solutions

In less than a decade, cloud computing has transformed from a relatively new concept into a tried-and-true IT strategy for federal agencies and commercial organizations alike. With thousands of new services being offered across multiple cloud platforms each year, the onus is on digital solution providers to keep pace with the evolution of cloud technology.

To perform this mission, ECS created the Cloud Center of Excellence (Cloud CoE), investing in the dedicated personnel, advanced processes, and deep subject-matter knowledge to understand and embrace the latest cloud innovations and capabilities. We are one of select companies to maintain Premier and Gold partnership status with three  of the world’s leading cloud service providers—Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier, Microsoft Azure Gold,and Google Premier—at the highest levels, across all major cloud platforms. The Cloud CoE serves not only ECS, but the entire ASGN team—including Apex and Oxford—as well as our customers, partners, and the larger cloud community with thought leadership and domain expertise.

Supporting the Team

The move from legacy systems to the cloud is nothing less than a paradigm shift, impacting large organizations at every level. Federal agencies and companies must be able to trust that their critical systems and sensitive data are in safe hands. From legal compliance and administration to cybersecurity, information assurance, and privacy, our Cloud CoE team understands and owns the myriad interconnected processes integral to a move of such magnitude.

Our experts engage with projects at the ground level, orienting the team, training and certifying ECS and customer personnel, and ramping up operations. We continue to support project teams until they are ready to assume full ownership themselves. The Cloud CoE continues to monitor cloud engagements over the full development lifecycle, providing continuity and uninterrupted oversight, ensuring that cloud projects continue to benefit from our deep domain knowledge and breadth of experience.

Driving Mindshare

The ECS Cloud CoE is a public-facing entity, serving not only our personnel, teammates, and customers, but also bolstering the cloud community at large. By speaking at conferences, writing blog posts, and producing whitepapers on the latest in cloud technology, the Cloud CoE establishes ECS as a hub for cloud expertise.

When emerging capabilities like machine learning and new visualization tools are introduced into the market, the Cloud CoE drives the conversation around these advanced technologies. Customers and teammates alike look to the Cloud CoE to answer fundamental questions like “is this important?” and if so, “how do I use it?” in language they can understand.

Cloud University

The Cloud CoE conducts full lifecycle training and certification across all major cloud platforms. Unlike the brief, high-level training sessions that only impart a cursory understanding of cloud computing, our Cloud CoE takes a multi-week approach through Cloud University, which supports the growing demand for cloud experts by training and certifying our clients, partners, and employees in the latest cloud technologies and capabilities. Cloud University benefits both current and potential employees of ECS, who are not only empowered to receive cloud training and certification but are also given the opportunity to apply these skills on projects across ASGN segments.

The ECS Cloud CoE is a dynamic operation, constantly learning and evolving to adapt to changes in cloud computing. Not simply an ongoing conversation or casual commitment, it is a formalized entity with leadership and dedicated personnel, driven by metrics, goals, and our express mission to understand and integrate the most cutting-edge cloud technology. We empower our customers and employees—and, indeed, the entire IT industry—to embrace all that cloud has to offer.